Summer Fitness activities for Kids

The summer is the perfect time for kids to get lots of physical fitness. The possibilities are endless when thinking of summer fitness activities for kids. It is important to use things that are readily available for you and your family. It is a great idea to explore and do research on things in your area so you have many options.

Swimming is an excellent fitness activity in the summer. Many cities have city pools that charge a small fee in order to swim. Some also offer one fee for the entire summer to swim as much as possible. Another location that swimming can be done is at a local water park.

Children burn many calories by swimming and it is wonderful exercise. Lakes are also popular places to swim. Check with local lakes in your area to find designated swimming areas.

Another wonderful summer fitness activity for kids is riding bicycles. Kids love to explore on bikes and it gives them a great workout. This can be a family event and all family members can ride bikes together and get active. Bike riding can be done in neighborhoods, trails or on the road. It is important to remember safety and to stay on sidewalks and use proper bicycle helmets.

Kids can get fit by playing on playgrounds. Swinging, climbing and jumping are excellent for physical fitness. Most parks have playgrounds available for free and children can enhance gross and fine motor skills by exploring and playing.

Summer fitness activities are all around for kids young and old. It is a great idea for parents to become as involved as possible and give the entire family exercise!

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  2. Ah, summer… the best time of year for kids activities because the days stretch out before them, one after another with lots of TIME. But then again, lots of time on their hands can also mean bored kids who have run out of ideas.

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