Bike Riding is A Great Fitness Activity for Kids

Bike riding is an aerobic exercise and endurance activity that helps kids develop strength, balance, and overall fitness. It strengthens the heart, lungs, and lower-body muscles and bones. Other benefits of bicycle riding include burning up calories, and developing and strengthening knee muscles.

Bicycle riding is fun and can be an adventure for children riding solo, with other friends their age, or with their families. Children should ride their bikes in safe locations on bike paths or facing traffic going in the opposite direction for safety concerns when riding on their neighborhood streets. It is important for kids to wear comfortable clothes that will protect them from the elements. Kids should take breaks while riding. Carrying a water bottle to quench thirst from riding out in the sun is a smart idea in addition to sunglasses, sunscreen, bicycle helmet, bike locks, tire pump, and a pressure gage.

It is important for children to ride bicycles appropriate for their age group. Tricycles are for preschool children ages 2 to 5. Kids should only ride plastic three-wheelers and traditional tricycles on a playground or within a fenced yard under the watchful eye of an adult. Older children, ages 5 to 6, are ready to mount and learn to ride a larger bicycle with the assistance of training wheels and adult supervision. At ages 6 to 9, children may ride one-speed two-wheeler bikes with foot brakes. At ages 9 and up kids are ready to ride larger bikes with gears and hand brakes while learning safe-riding skills on quiet streets.

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